Citrus Heights Kids Camp –
Improving Our Community One Child At A Time

Citrus Heights Kids Camp offers safe, structured, family-oriented after-school and camp programs that help young people thrive – physically, mentally and morally. Children and young adults learn valuable life-skills that will help them thrive – socially, academically and athletically.

We allocate time daily for:

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Art
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • And much more

Family Taekwondo Plus has got you covered during nearly every non-school day throughout the year. 

*  Summer – Check.

*  Spring Break/Winter Break – Check.

*  Columbus Day – Check.

*  District-wide teacher work days – Check.

Summer and Holiday Camps

If we say so ourselves, our camps rock! How about trips to: Air and Space Museum, Train Museum, State Capital, Folsom Zoo, Fire houses, Discovery Museum, and more? How about activities like: solar car building, competitive cup stacking, daily picnics, physical workouts, board breaking, roller skating, bowling, weekly movies, daily core curriculum activities. Your kids WILL sleep well after spending the day with us, we guarantee it!

Our goal is to expand our camper’s horizons by introducing them to as many experiences as we can jam into each week! Our camper to leader ratio is super low, we provide directed activities, a daily adventure (trip or major activity) and guaranteed happy campers. And of course we constantly promote positive, respectful behavior.


Our Awesome After-School Program

When you enroll your child in our after-school program, they will enjoy the benefits of improved grades and increased self-confidence and self-esteem. Principles such as respect, courtesy and integrity play as large a part in this program as they do in our Taekwondo classes.

We will pick your child up from school, provide them a healthy snack, provide them an environment where they can complete their homework and offer them fun, mentally-stimulating activities. We are nationally accredited and all of our leaders are top students and are CPR certified. All children MUST also be enrolled in Taekwondo training, so we also get them prepared for their scheduled classes.

Our parents love knowing that their children are in a safe environment. But what they love even more is the quality time they get to spend with their kids in the evenings. This is because when they pick them up, their homework is complete, they were focused on their core curriculum, their Martial Arts training is done and they are ready for family time.